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Rail Holidays in Hungary

The rail trips to Hungary from Arena Rail Holidays offer the perfect opportunity to explore the underrated beauty of eastern Europe; both the untarnished, breathtaking scenery, and the meticulously developed cities that often find themselves ignored when describing Europe.

With a population of over 9 million, Hungary consists mostly of remote towns, but its beautiful cities are impressive both for their architecture and cultural variety. It is one of Europe’s forgotten countries, but is just as impressive as one of the more popular nations.

Hungary by rail

Hungary is sandwiched between seven countries, and its efficient rail system allows passage to each of its neighbours, with the central point rooted in Budapest, the country’s capital city. Travelling through rural Hungary offers an interesting contrast with its more densely populated cities.

Fantastic cities

Hungary’s capital city, Budapest, is bisected by the famous Danube river, with one of the attractions being the glorious sculpted stone bridge that arches over the glossy waters, connecting the city. For something completely different on your trip, you can visit a public swimming pool heated by a thermal spring under the city. So make sure you bring your swimming kit!

Food and drink

Goulash is Hungary’s national dish. This rich stew has humble origins, as it was a way of making the most of food that was going to waste. Goulash contains a traditional Hungarian blend of spices, including lots of paprika, to give it its earthy, wholesome flavour. Dobos cake, made with sponge, chocolate and caramel, is Hungary’s most famous dessert, and is exported and adored worldwide.

Rich cultural history

Despite eastern Europe generally subscribing to different schools of music than that of central Europe, Hungarian pianist Franz Liszt remains one of the most iconic pianists of all time. Hungary’s varied architectural styles are perhaps exemplified by contrasting the charm of the Museum of Applied Arts with the striking Hungarian National Museum.

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