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For single travellers who are interested in our trips, but don’t have a friend able to come with them why not join our "Stitch Together" programme to help with the costs of a single occupancy room? We have designed a way for you to find someone to share a room with on any of our Stitchtopia Holidays.

The "Stitch Together" programme

Simply sign up for any of the trips we are offering and let us know that you would like to join the "Stitch Together" programme for a specific holiday.

We will take your information and when another single traveller signs up for the holiday and tells us they are looking to share a room as well, we will provide both of you with each other’s information, and you can let us know if you are a good match or not.

You have until the final payment date of the trip to find someone to share a room, then you can decide if you prefer to pay the single occupancy rate and stay on the tour or remove yourself with no cancellation penalties.

If you are interested, and would like to be on our permanent "Stitch Together" programme, we would be delighted to add you to our list and if someone is looking for a roommate on any of our holidays, we would contact you and ask if you are interested in joining them as their roommate.

The Team at Stitchtopia want to help you join us on one of our holidays, and this is just another way we have made it easier for our single crafting friends to join us!

Alternatively, if you'd like to meet us at our first hotel, find out more about our "Meet Us There" discounts.