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Travelling throughout Germany by train will allow you to experience all the wonder and craft of central Europe. Germany boasts ingenious designs, an indulgent culinary style and a beautiful natural environment – the country is rightfully regarded as Europe’s engine room. Germany borders virtually every country in central Europe, meaning that its culture has absorbed the very best elements of other nations. The Germans’ individualistic take on these influences however, make visiting Germany a truly unique experience.

Things to know

  • The Drechenfels, also known as Dragon Rock is the most famous of the seven Sibengebridge Mountains. It gets it’s name due to it’s creation, which involved the rising of hot magma from the Earth's core
  • The Ahr Valley is the most northern area of German wine production and is dedicated to producing red wine
  • At the heart of Rudesheim’s old town, visitors will find the famed Drosselgasse, a picturesque cobbled street, which thanks to it’s unique atmosphere, attracts over three million visitors a year

Key Destinations

Vulkan Express
Germany by rail

Germany is a huge country, and while its world-famous autobahn (motorway) allows a passage across the vast land mass, trains are the most comfortable and visually appealing mode of transport in which to absorb this country’s breathtaking elegance. Winding through the lush German countryside as you visit the vibrant cities and quaint towns that are dotted around this glorious country.
Fantastic cities

German design holds purpose in mind, so it is no surprise to find that German cities offer something for everyone. German culture is welcoming to those simply looking for a quiet, understated café overlooking a traditional market square, or those wanting to visit a bustling strip of bars that you can populate from dusk ‘til dawn. What’s more, Germans are a friendly, laid-back people who respect leisure as much as they do hard work.
German Beer
Food and drink

Baking is something that the Germans take very seriously, and you will realise this as the sweet smell of pastry and bread drifts through the spindling streets. German cheese is also held in high regard, with the country’s produce accounting for a third of Europe’s entire cheese stock. German beer is very popular and should be enjoyed from a traditional beer stein.
Rich cultural history

The German people’s constant drive to excel is reflected in their brand of quality-over-quality culture. Their attitude towards athletics and competition makes Germany one of the more revered forces in world sport. For those interested in military history, Germany holds a seemingly endless stream of history. While their many fairytale castles and examples of art deco architecture can be enjoyed on an aesthetic level.