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The Netherlands

Travelling by rail is one of the most scenic ways to reach the Netherlands and will allow you to experience the many cultural delights of northern Europe’s most colourful nation. The sheer variety of activities that can be enjoyed in the Netherlands makes the country, justifiably, one of the world’s most popular travel destinations.
With a modest population of 17 million, the Netherlands has all the vibrant atmosphere of a dense population – without the congestion. The Dutch have a natural calmness to them and this is reflected in their liberal culture, where people are encouraged to explore their creativity and artistic interests, making Amsterdam a hub for artists and musicians.

Things to know

  • Gin was actually invented in the Netherlands. The popular juniper berry drink began it’s life as ‘jenever’ in the 16th century
  • Each year, more than seven million bulbs are planted in the famous Keukenhof Gardens. All bulbs are planted by hands and in intricate designs based on the gardens annual theme. It takes three months for the planting to be complete
  • Located between Rotterdam and The Hague lies the small Dutch city of Delft. The city is famous for it’s porcelain, hand painted pottery – Delft Blue 

Key Destinations

The Netherlands by rail

The Netherlands is a very flat country, which makes travelling by rail an absolute delight. The smooth, rail system will allow you to experience all the tranquillity of traditional Dutch landscapes, such as the astonishing fields of colourful tulips, the dainty windmills and great lakes that decorate the picturesque country.
Fantastic cities

The Netherlands plays host to a number of beautiful towns and cities. You may be looking for a fun-filled stay in the more bustling Amsterdam, or a peaceful venture into the gorgeous Delft. Either way, the Netherlands is full of exciting things to see and do.
Food and drink

The food of the Netherlands is renowned for being hearty and filling. The country is famous for it's cheeses, namely Gouda, which is produced in the town of the same name. Whilst in the country you will also be inundated with food stalls selling delicious goodies from waffles to poffertjes - tiny pancakes dusted with icing sugar. 

Keukenhof Gardens
Rich cultural history

The Netherlands’ many museums and galleries look to celebrate the country’s cultural contributions — the Netherlands has the highest density of museums in the world! The Dutch also pride themselves on their love of nature, which is mirrored in their world renowned gardens, such as the famous Keukenhof and their marvellous tulip displays.