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The rail trips through Spain from Arena Rail Holidays offer a fantastic opportunity to experience the Mediterranean’s hottest country. Spain has a complex and interesting history, which is still reflected in modern times by the many different regions and political climates.
Spain attracts thousands of visitors every year and it is no mystery why: its major cities are packed full of gothic and Renaissance architecture, religious art, and iconic monuments. Visually, Spain is stunning, and its passionate people will make you want to come back again and again.

Things to know

  • The famous artist Salvador Dali was born in the Spanish town of Figueres. You can visit his museum there, the Teatro Museo and witness its surreal architectural design, complete with huge eggs on the roof and bread on the outer walls
  • The Pyrenees mountain range forms a natural boundary between France and Spain. The range stretches over 450km from the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean and can be up to 80 miles wide in some areas
  • The famous the Sagrada Familia, in Barcelona, has taken longer to build than the Egyptian pyramids. Work began on the grand structure in 1883 and now in 2020 it is still not complete

Key Destinations

Nuria Valley Railway
Spain by rail

Journeying through Spain via a comfortable, cool train carriage will make the experience all the more enjoyable, with the additional bonus of being able to see all the glorious Spanish scenery stretch itself across your window.
One of the country’s most iconic rail journeys can be had on the Nuria Valley Railway. It is the only means of transport that accesses the valley. 
Fantastic cities

From its capital, Madrid, to the wonderful city of Barcelona, Spain’s appeal stretches from those looking for a busy night in the city centre, to those looking to explore some of the oldest history in Europe. Its cities have everything you would expect from a bustling, energetic hotbed of activity, but with a Spanish twist to make them even more exciting.
Food and drink

Spanish cuisine differs depending on the region: coastal regions are heavily fond of rice and fresh fish, with paella as the archetypal dish. Central and Atlantic regions, however, are well versed in garlic- and cheese-based dishes. Spanish beer is pleasantly light, while their sangria is the perfect beverage for a day spent in the sun. The Spanish have a particularly quirky eating habit in that they like to eat late at night; make sure you venture out for a midnight supper while you are in Spain.
Seville Flamenco
Rich cultural history

Spain is world-renowned for its architectural ambition, and the country is peppered with beautiful and historically significant cathedrals, castles and monuments. Music and dance are highly valued in the Spanish culture, and many festivals are celebrated throughout the year — any excuse for a song and a dance!