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Vietnam & Cambodia

A journey to Asia is…
…captivating, cultural and truly unforgettable. Embark on the ultimate Asian adventure, taking in the countries’ awe-inspiring landscapes as you go. From cascading rice paddies and lofty limestone cliffs, to centuries-old temples and motorcycle mayhem, there aren’t many places in the world more endearing than Asia. Feel immediately welcomed by the friendly grins and gentle bows of the locals, from the conical hat-wearing vendors at the floating markets to the intrigued passersby in the streets, greeting you with a friendly “hello” am War at Ho Chi Minh’s Cu Chi Tunnels and War Remnants Museum and admire the French-colonial architecture of Hanoi.

Things to know

  • A twice daily train travels through the narrow and aptly-named ‘Train Street’ in Hanoi, passing just inches from the homes of a local neighbourhood
  • When you aren’t travelling by rail or foot, you can get to nearly anywhere in Cambodia by tuk tuk. The popular way to travel is speedy – if a little bumpy – and prices should always be negotiated before setting off
  • The distance from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi is around 1,700km and can be travelled by rail, road or sky

Key Destinations

Hai Van Pass
Vietnam and Cambodia by rail

Experience a once in a lifetime rail journey as you travel through the very heart of Indochina. Explore ornate pagodas, wander bustling streets, delve into the rich local culture and surround yourself in a stunning landscape unlike any other. From the ancient temples of Angkor Wat to the towering limestone cliffs of Ha Long Bay, a journey through Vietnam and Cambodia by rail, road and river will allow you to see the very best of these magnificent Southeast Asian countries.
Ho Chi Minh City
Fantastic cities

On an unforgettable journey through Vietnam and Cambodia, you’ll get to experience some of the most culturally diverse cities Asia has to offer. At the heart of Cambodia, visit the vibrant town of Siem Reap, home to the enchanting temple of Angkor Wat. Discover the history of the country in the capital, Phnom Penh, before crossing the border into Vietnam. Explore the bustling streets of Ho Chi Minh City, the traditional charm of Hoi An and the mesmerising capital, Hanoi.
Bowl of Pho
Food and drink

Indulge your senses on a culinary adventure, experiencing the sights, tastes and smells of delicious Asian cuisine. Southeast Asia prides itself on serving up only freshest ingredients, whether that’s in a restaurant, in one of the enticing food markets or at one of the many street food stalls. Watch the food being prepped in front of you, then tuck into a fragrant fish amok in Cambodia or an authentic bowl of pho in Vietnam, accompanied by a freshly-brewed iced coffee.
 Phnom Penh
Rich cultural history

One of the main reasons people choose to visit Vietnam and Cambodia is to delve deep into their rich and cultural history. Take a guided tour around the largest religious monument in the world, the 12th century Angkor Wat. Discover the harrowing history of the Khmer Rouge at Phnom Penh’s Killing Fields. Learn all there is to know about the Vietnam War at Ho Chi Minh’s Cu Chi Tunnels and War Remnants Museum and admire the French-colonial architecture of Hanoi.