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Mendola Mountain Funicular


One of Europe’s steepest tracks with an 845 metre incline and a 64% gradient, the 2370 metre long Medola Mountain Pass Funicular is one of the most spectacular rail routes in the world – offering stunning views from the Italian Dolomites as it passes through woodland and mountainous terrain.
After 14 months of nonstop construction, the funicular railway was officially opened on the 3rd October 1903. Today the little train, that transports eager passengers up and down the Dolomites, is thriving, with thousands of visitors clambering aboard each year.
Surprisingly however, the train wasn’t always as popular with visitors as it is today.
Due to a low number of passengers, in 1916 the train was assigned to be used only for the purposes of the military and in 1933 it closed altogether.
Thankfully due to a resurgence in tourism after the Second World War and a new desire for adventure – the rail line was reopened in 1988 and after a revamp in 2009 it has not stopped growing in popularity.
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