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Corsica, France

Way back in 1877, the people of Corsica decided that they'd had enough of travelling coast to coast, town to town by donkey or on horseback, and thus the idea to build a gauge railway was born.
It took 22 years and 20,000 labourers to build the single-track railway, which was all laid by hand - and possibly the cause of the distinctive wobble so many tourists and locals have come to love.
The line was finally complete in 1899 and the 232km long network serves 16 stations, with around ten journeys run throughout the day during the summer months, making it very easy to hop on and off and visit different locations across the island.
Even though “the boneshaker”, as it is often nicknamed, loudly clatters over uneven tracks, it is worth the occasional jostling for one of the most scenic train routes in the world.
The journey from Corte to Ajaccio is often said to be the most beautiful routes, with sights including the Vecchio viaduct, engineered by the one and only Gustav Eiffel and the Vizzavona Forest.
A train experience like no other, experience the Trinicellu on our Highlights of Corisca rail holiday.