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James Aitchison

James Aitchison
James has always been interested in all things military and joined the Army aged 16, serving with the Royal Artillery in Northern Ireland, Germany, Denmark and with the UN in Cyprus until joining the Police in 1994, serving as a uniformed officer until retiring in 2019.

He has a particular interest in the Normandy D-Day Landings and the Victorian wars, especially those fought in South Africa. As a result he has accompanied veterans and their family members to Normandy, WW1 sites on the Western Front and will this year be based in South Africa for three months to explore the Anglo Zulu Wars.

James is also very keen to ensure the younger generations are aware of military history and has also visited schools giving talks about WWI and WWII and remembrance.

For the past three years, James has also been working as a fitness instructor, instructing Military Bootcamps in Bath.