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John Ross - Tour Leader

John Ross

After regular service and 28 years in the Reserves, John Ross now works as an analyst on military affairs and as a Battlefield Guide. His areas of guiding expertise include the Western Front, Normandy, North West Europe, Italy and Gallipoli. He is a member of the British Commission for Military History and the Guild of Battlefield Guides.

He has worked on Jane’s Sentinel Former Soviet Union Countries and has completed a report on the Future Land Battlefield for Janes Information Group and a Report on Command, Control Communications and Intelligence (C41) for SMI. He has been published in RUSI International Security Review, with a chapter on Reserve Forces and Civil Military Relations and in RUSI Newsbriefs on Overstretch and the British Armed Forces.

He has a BA in War Studies from Kings College London and an MA in Naval History from Exeter University. He has worked as a contractor at the British Army’s Land Warfare Centre as a historian; where he published pamphlets on Britain and Russia in Afghanistan, Protected Communities and Indigenous Forces.

He is author of the Chapter on the Battle of the Somme for the British Army: First World War Battlefield Guide Volume 1: The Western Front and a Chapter on the North-West Frontier in Volume 2 The Forgotten Fronts.