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The Campaign in Italy was brutal and costly, with much of it fought in mountainous terrain. While Operation Overlord, the codename given for the invasion of France in June ’44, was in its final planning stages, Allied forces landed in Italy. As they advanced towards Rome, they engaged in some of the hardest fighting in Europe in what was yet another pivotal turning point in bringing an end to WWII.

Our battlefield tours to Italy honour those who fought and died as they confronted the Gustav Line, which crossed Italy south of Rome. Names from the past at the battles for Monte Cassino, Anzio, and the Winter Line, echo with pride and bravery. Considered by some to be as desperate as the Battle of Passchendaele in WWI, soldiers came under heavy artillery fire as they fought in despicable conditions on exposed mountainous slopes, knee deep in mud and snow. Unfortunately, the cost to human life was high, as can clearly be seen on visits to the beautifully maintained World War II cemeteries where we remember the fallen and pay our respects.

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