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River Main

The River Main meanders gently through the heartlands of Germany. It is navigable by way of 34 locks and dams that replace 19th century chain-shipping where the towing power of men and horses was needed to travel upstream. The landscape, as the Main winds through Bavaria, Baden-Wurttemberg and Hesse, is one of beautiful dense forests, valleys with rolling vineyards, ancient hilltop castles and quaint rustic villages with traditional half-timbered houses. In its path, the dynamic city of Frankfurt with its futuristic skyline contrasts with the medieval architecture of historic Bamberg. A cruise on the beautiful River Main promises the quintessential German experience.

Things to know

  • Along the Main many of Germany’s greatest historical treasures were destroyed in World War II 
  • At 326 miles long the Main is the longest river entirely in Germany 
  • Flowing from east to west it is a tributary of the River Rhine, which it joins in Mainz
  • Picturesque landscape, medieval villages with timber-framed houses are set against the backdrop of rolling hills.   
  • Opened in 1992, the Main-Danube Canal connects the River Main with the River Danube 
  • The River Main is part of a 1,367-mile long waterway connecting the North and Black seas

Key Ports of Call