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Safety in the Bridge room

As the leading operator of Bridge holidays, we would like to assure you of our commitment to the wellbeing and safety of all of our travellers and Bridge staff. We are being very careful to work only with hotel partners that we trust to implement a safe environment for our First for Bridge guests, and are ensuring they produce strong documentary evidence that they are meeting or surpassing the local requirement to protect their guests and prevent any potential spread of Covid19 within their premises. 

Further to the new Government guidelines implemented in England from Monday 14 September, COVID accredited establishments are still able to allow up to a maximum of 30 persons in their conference rooms for safely run organised events, which will allow a maximum of 7 tables to play. These holidays will enforce a full safety policy in distanced surroundings, with Perspex screening and a thorough protocol of sanitisation.

Below is a more detailed listing of our precautions that will be implemented in line with guidelines and requirements for the rest of this year and into next and indeed relaxed over time as the situation allows.    


  • Perspex screens will be on tables, allowing guests to lower masks whilst in play
  • We will use slightly larger bridge tables or table tops where possible
  • The Bridge room will be restricted to 7 tables, subject to current Government restrictions 
  • Our Bridge room will be large, enabling us to distance tables sufficiently
  • No table cloths will be used and tables will be regularly sanitised and wiped down
  • We will make full use of Electronic scoring - no pens and paper.  North will be instructed to enter scores, and press “yes” in the agreement and in sight of East/West
  • Boards will be sanitised regularly, and we will have enough boards to store and rotate every 48 hours. The director will move boards between tables
  • Playing cards will be brand new
  • Each player will be handed his/her own bidding box, sealed in a plastic bag and labelled
  • Our experienced bridge staff will be fully trained to ensure a safe and healthy environment is obtained, and that guests are made aware of the health and safety procedures in place

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