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Cruise the Glaciers and Fjords of Alaska

August 2021

8 days from £4,219pp

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Embark on a fascinating voyage, exploring the landscapes, wildlife and culture of Alaska’s Inside Passage. Watch whales along Stephens Passage and navigate the winding Wrangell Narrows. Explore the Tongass National Forest, discover Tlingit culture, and witness an array of wildlife from humpback whales to bald eagles on this Alaskan adventure. 
  • Traverse the atmospheric waters of Misty Fjords National Monument
  • Discover Tlingit culture and lofty totem poles in Wrangell
  • Navigate the winding Wrangell Narrows and Behm Canal
  • Spot humpback whales and orcas in Stephens Passage
  • Witness monumental glaciers in Tracy Arm and Endicott Arm
  • Spot diverse Alaskan wildlife, from whales to bald eagles
Set sail on a wondrous adventure exploring Alaska’s breathtaking landscapes, spectacular wildlife and fascinating culture. Cruise the Inside Passage, whale-watching at Stephens Passage and winding through narrow waterways at Wrangell Narrows and Behm Canal. Discover Tlingit culture at Wrangell’s Kiksetti Totem Park and Chief Shakes Tribal House, and experience the sweeping wilderness of Tongass National Forest on foot and by kayak. Marvel at the towering glaciers of Tracy and Endicott Arm, and witness an array of magnificent wildlife including whales, sea lions, porpoises, brown and black bears, moose, mountain goats, otters, bald eagles and seabirds on this unforgettable Alaskan voyage. 

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Wilderness Adventure

Depending on the time of year you travel, your ship will be one of two vessels: the Wilderness Explorer. Built to withstand the rugged conditions and icy waters of Alaska yet small enough to seek out secret niches and remote waterways, they’re perfect for cruising the Alaskan fjords and glaciers. Luxurious in style with an adventurous spirit, they offer abundant opportunities for relaxing and socialising with fellow guests, or heading out to immerse yourself in the wilderness.