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Experience the ultimate in style and luxury in a truly relaxing environment on board a spectacular cruise with Sea Cloud Cruises. These aren’t just any ordinary cruises; Sea Cloud Cruises are one of only a few companies that offer authentic sailings on board traditional windjammers.

Listen out for the crew being given their orders, then watch in admiration as they climb the tall masts and hoist the mighty sails in a series of meticulous manoeuvres, keeping age-old sailing traditions alive. It’s an unforgettable sight to see.
There are three stunning ships providing you with an enchanting private yacht experience; the legendary Sea Cloud, the sophisticated Sea Cloud II and the newest addition to the fleet, the magnificent Sea Cloud Spirit taking her first voyage in 2021. Their itineraries will see you sailing across the Caribbean, Central America, the Mediterranean, the Atlantic and beyond. And, if you’re lucky, you might choose a cruise where Sea Cloud and Sea Cloud II meet and sail together.
Life on board a Sea Cloud cruise is informal, friendly, welcoming and luxurious, with no more than 140 guests and an almost 1:1 crew to guest ratio. Dine on mouth-watering local cuisine, sip handpicked fine wines and let Sea Cloud Cruises take you take you on a voyage you’ll never forget.
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