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The stark contrasts between the open blue skies and the crystal white icebergs of Antarctica are truly mesmerising.  See spectacular frozen landscapes from snowy mountains to glaciers and icebergs. The water and ice are home to 235 difference species of wildlife and is famous for penguins, seals, humpback whales and orca whales. Discover Antarctica on a once-in-a-lifetime small ship cruise. 

Things to know

  • If you stand at the South Pole, you are at the southernmost point on Earth. It doesn’t matter which way you look every direction is north 
  • There are no trees or shrubs in antarctica and only two flowering plants: the hair grass and pearlwort
  • The Antarctic Ice Sheet is the single biggest mass of ice in the world and can sometimes be up to four miles thick. 
  • Antarctica is home to Mount Erebus - the southern-most active volcano in the world