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Turkey has one of the most diverse landscapes in the entire world. The golden beaches roll into sumptuous meadows that climb up the towering, rocky mountains. Not only is Turkey home to a vast array of spectacular natural scenery but it has a deep history, spanning thousands of years, which means it boasts some of the most impressive historical sights on the whole planet. 
On a cruise with Arena Voyages you can experience some of the gems of the country. From the famous city of Istanbul, home of the Grand Bazaar, The Blue Mosque and a whole host of Byzantine-Ottoman architecture, to the port city of Fethiye and its surrounding turquoise waters. A holiday to Turkey provides an experience for everyone and the best way to experience it is by sea. 

Things to know

  • There are over 30 languages in Turkey.
  • Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar has 64 streets and 4,000 shops and stalls!
  • Turkey is home to some of the most beautiful mosques in the world. 82,693 to be exact. 
  • The name "turquoise" comes from Turkey and literally means ‘Turkish Stone’