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Price Guarantee

Book now with confidence

Our Price Guarantee commitment is that once you have made a confirmed booking we will not sell that same holiday for less than the price you have paid, if it does reduce you will receive a full credit for the difference!* So booking early ensures that you will always be getting the best value.

Furthermore, you have financial security - holidays including air travel are fully protected by our ATOL bond and all other holidays are covered under our Travel Regulation Insolvency Protection, meaning all monies paid by you are fully protected.

*This price guarantee applies to the basic cost of your holiday arrangements and must be in respect of a booking cruising on the same ship, cabin grade, transport arrangements, departure date and duration as yours. It excludes the cost of any arrangements you purchase in addition to the basic cost of the holiday such as, but not limited to, drinks and meal packages, overnight pre- and post-holiday accommodation, excursions, and other pre-bookable additional arrangements and services. The guarantee does not apply to holiday arrangements bought or offered for sale through our group travel organisers, our Ambassador’s Club loyalty programme, our partners that elect to fund a reduction to their members/customers and the redemption of Arena Travel holiday vouchers. Should the cost of your holiday reduce after you have booked we will issue you with a credit equal to the difference in price to be used against a further booking that must be booked within 12 months of the date of departure of the original booking and travel within 24 months of the date of departure of the original booking. All bookings are subject to further terms and conditions which are available to view on our website.