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Craft River Cruises

Craft along some of Europe's most picturesque waterways

Imagine time to unwind while gently cruising through cinematic scenery along some of Europe’s prettiest waterways! If this picture is tempting, then weave in your favourite past time and you’ve the canvas of a Stitchtopia river cruise – the perfect, relaxing, creative escape.

You’ll be sailing at a pleasingly easy pace on one of our 4-star river boats, which has all the comforts you’d expect of a ‘floating hotel’. The atmosphere on board these smaller vessels is relaxed and informal and, whether travelling alone, or with a friend, Stitchtopia guests are assured the convivial company of like-minded crafters. You’ll have the chance to learn tips, tricks and techniques from our Stitchtopia experts during workshops, which of course take place in a room with a view! Europe’s rivers wind their way through the heart of fascinating cities and indelible landscapes that inspired great artists. Every day you’ll wake up in a new destination, so you’ve plenty for inspiration along the way too.

Passionate about stitching, love knitting or hooked on crochet? River cruising promises Stitchtopia crafters an immersive, more intimate travel experience.

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