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River Cruises - Coming Soon!

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Set sail on a journey of discovery through Europe and beyond on a memorable river cruise adventure. Take in spectacular scenery, historical sights and impressive architecture from the comfort of the ship, as you explore iconic rivers and waterways in Europe. Our 3 and 4-star ships sail along the Danube, the Moselle, the Rhine River and the Dutch Waterways. Throughout your journey, our dedicated captains and crew will expertly cater to your every need, as you indulge in stylish surroundings on board and enjoy outstanding on shore excursions at each port. Join us for your unforgettable river cruise.


Tom Abbott leads this new Art Pursuits tour to Basel, a city once home to Erasmus of Rotterdam and Hans Holbein the Younger, which merges history and tradition with cutting-edge design.

  • Return flights from London to Basel
  • Private coach travel for transfers and excursions
  • 5 nights’ bed and breakfast at the 4-star Hotel Basel
  • 2 evening meals and 2 lunches
  • Services of your expert lecturer and Tour Manager
  • Detailed programme and study notes


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Planning your trip

With so much on offer, you might need some inspiration! We’ve hand-picked a selection of favourite destinations and provided an overview of the very best highlights...

River Danube

River Danube Highlights

Undeniably beautiful, the Danube is one of the World’s most romantic waterways celebrated in music, literature and the visual arts. The river, which carves its way from the mountains of Germany’s Black Forest in the West through the Iron Gates Gorge to the Black Sea in the East, has been at the heart of European cultural, creative and political history for more than a millennium. Once the frontier of the mighty Roman Empire, the second longest river in Europe touches the borders of no less than ten different countries and has four capital cities in its path. Flowing through the centre of glorious Vienna, the historical core of Bratislava and the heart of Belgrade, the Danube is the division of beautiful Budapest. Along its banks fascinating towns and cities seamlessly blend the best of old and new, and a river cruise is the perfect way to get up-close and personal with Europe’s grand historic architecture, strongly-entrenched traditions, emerging cultures and ultra-modern landmarks. 

Dutch Waterways

Dutch Waterways Highlights

Fed by the Rhine, the Maas and the Scheldt, the Dutch Waterways are an intricate interlinking series of canals, small rivers and inland seas, creating one of the most unique river cruising experiences in Europe. Under vast open skies, these tranquil waterways lace through the most-gentle of landscapes punctuated by traditional windmills and elegant church spires. In springtime fields teeming with tulips stretch as far as the eye can see. The Netherlands is a country defined by its waterways and the Unesco-listed canal district is the vibrant heart of its capital Amsterdam. Weaving their magic through medieval cities and charming historical towns, these timeless waterways are simply a Dutch masterpiece - part of the national identity.

River Douro

River Douro Highlights

From rugged wilderness on the Spanish frontier to the Old City of Porto, the River Douro weaves its way through one of Europe’s most beautiful landscapes with charming villages and historic landmarks weaved throughout its banks. Known as Portugal’s ‘River of Gold’, the Douro flows through one of the world’s oldest wine regions producing both the legendary port wine and some of Portugal’s best vintages. Seeming to defy gravity, the Douro Valley, with its impossibly steep terraces covered in vines, is simply stunning and just one of four Unesco World Heritage Sites traced by the river. The spectacular Douro is perfect for a leisurely river cruise, navigable by way of breathtakingly high locks.

River Main

River Main Highlights

The River Main meanders gently through the heartlands of Germany. It is navigable by way of 34 locks and dams that replace 19th century chain-shipping where the towing power of men and horses was needed to travel upstream. The landscape, as the Main winds through Bavaria, Baden-Wurttemberg and Hesse, is one of beautiful dense forests, valleys with rolling vineyards, ancient hilltop castles and quaint rustic villages with traditional half-timbered houses. In its path, the dynamic city of Frankfurt with its futuristic skyline contrasts with the medieval architecture of historic Bamberg. A cruise on the beautiful River Main promises the quintessential German experience.

River Moselle

River Moselle Highlights

Between the forested slopes of the Vosges massif and the iconic Deutsche Eck, the Moselle is, in comparison to other European waterways, a relatively small river, but one that is simply bursting with intimate charm. Meandering through the beautiful Moselle Valley, the river passes quaint towns and sleepy villages with quintessential half-timbered houses. Rolling hills crowned with the remains of feudal castles testify to its importance in the Middle Ages and in the heart of the most picturesque stretch of the valley lies Trier, a city with Roman influences. Where the serene Moselle twists and turns towards Koblenz and its confluence with the Rhine, the spectacularly vertiginous, lush terraced vineyards produce some of the world’s greatest wines.

River Rhine

River Rhine Highlights

There’s a soul-stirring beauty surrounding Germany’s romantic Rhine river. From its alpine source in Switzerland, the Rhine winds its way through France and Germany and creates the characteristic landscape of the Netherlands, intertwining the history and culture of four fascinating countries. Simply the name conjures images of fables and fairytales, and the legendary Rhine promises a truly magical river cruising experience. Flanked by forested peaks and studded with rocky islands decorated with whitewashed chapels, the mesmerising Rhine Gorge is picture book perfect. The spires of medieval cathedrals and churches appear around every bend in the river as it meanders past pretty vineyard-backed villages, and hilltops crowned by crumbling castles and fortresses. Fascinating towns and cities showcase a rich French, German, or, in the case of Alsace, dual heritage.

River Thames

River Thames Highlights

From the Roman invasions of 43 BC to the turn of the millennium in 2000 AD, some of the most famous events in British history have taken place along Britain’s royal river. Stretching 215 miles from source to sea, the River Thames rises in the beautiful Cotswold Hills, and winds through the prestigious university city of Oxford and great city of London in its glorious path to reach the North Sea. Yet where the river cuts a gentle swathe through the rural heart of England, it takes on a very different personality. Meandering past picturesque towns and villages, alongside fields of green and trees reaching down to the water, is the Thames that inspired Kenneth Grahame’s Wind in the Willows, and Jerome K. Jerome’s three men to go messing about in a boat. Perfect for a leisurely, one of a kind river cruise.