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Chris and Linda Benneworth

chris benneworth

Linda and Chris have been married since 1971, having met while they were teaching at the same high school.

Following successful careers in education they retired in the late nineties, when they started directing together, working at first in local and more recently in overseas congresses.  They ran the North Eastern Bridge Association Congress for a number of years in Otterburn, Consett and Gateshead, an event with a deserved reputation for friendliness.  Since 2019, they have worked as hosts and director at EBU overseas congresses in Athens, Sicily and Rome.  They even play together occasionally to ensure there are full tables.  Chris is an EBU national director who also teaches others the art of directing and Linda is a qualified County director.

They both believe that bridge is a great game which is meant to be enjoyed; a holiday is the perfect way of doing that.