Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm

Discover more about Bridge Online

We are pleased to advise that due to popular demand, First for Bridge online has returned as an EBU affiliated online club, as an opportunity to keep our Bridge friends together during a tough time.

All future sessions will be on RealBridge with several of our bridge team as directors and helpers. All are welcome on First for Bridge Online so tell your friends. We will be hosting a number of sessions, for different levels of play and interests. In addition, one of our team of very popular directors will post an analysis of a hand played after each session. All of this will be available through our BridgeWebs site. Arena Travel vouchers will also be provided as prizes on an equitable basis monthly.

Why play bridge online with First for Bridge?

  • EBU Master Points and NGS will be awarded
  • Each session will have a First for Bridge Director
  • Ideal for both competitive club players and players who enjoy a more relaxed refreshers play
  • Monthly prize vouchers for future First for Bridge holidays
  • Play with fellow First for Bridge friends
  • Results uploaded on our First for Bridge BridgeWebs site

When can I play?

Club level session -  Tuesday 19.00, Friday 14.00

Suitable for regular First for Bridge competitive guests with Master Points/NGS awarded

Improver session -  Wednesday 14.00, Thursday 19.00

Improvers sessions for those who participate in our Refresher holidays or want less competitive bridge. Master Points/NGS will still be awarded. it is important that you only play in the Improvers at an NGS Level 7 or below, or a higher NGS if you are mentoring someone with a Lower NGS - but still in this case we would like your average NGS to be 7 or below.

Combined session (Improvers and club members) – Sunday 19.00

Combined Swiss Pairs – Saturday 14.00

How can I join in?

If you would like to join us in the online bridge world, we would love to see some new players join our online community, just complete our simple Sign up form.