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The treasures of Jordan are such that they could stop the hearts of even the weariest of travellers. An oasis of tranquillity and beauty in this troubled corner of the world, Jordan greets its guests with a warm embrace. Untold architectural jewels pepper its ancient lands, which have been traversed, stormed and settled by Nabataean tradesmen, Roman legionnaires, Muslim armies and fervent Crusaders. Perhaps most famously it is home to one of the greatest wonders of the world, the ancient city of Petra, carved from the dusky pink sandstone of desert canyons by the mysterious Nabataeans, a nomadic desert people. Modified and extended by ensuing settlers, it epitomises the rich blend of ancient knowledge, power and artistry that is threaded throughout this land. Other wonderous sites abound, from the spectacularly frescoed 8th-century bath complex of Qasr Amra to the Madaba Mosaic Map, the oldest known cartographic floor mosaic in history. Beyond such sites of human triumph, the natural landscape of Jordan is just as spectacular, including a salt sea at the lowest point on earth, the otherworldly expanses of Wadi Rum (fittingly known as the Valley of the Moon) and the wildflowers which carpet the valleys in spring.
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