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The Ages of German Art – Renaissance and Mannerism (Online)

With the journeys of discovery since the late 15th-century, the outbreak of the Reformation and the Renaissance of Antique knowledge and learning the medieval perception of the world falters – and demands new artistic means of expression. At the same time, with artists like Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, the Italian Renaissance experiences its heyday. It is Albrecht Dürer who opens up this new art world for the Germans through his travels to Italy. His works are the prelude to a specific German Renaissance which flowers first in Dürer’s hometown of Nuremberg and in Augsburg. Due to the intensifying contact with Italy it doesn’t take long for the expressive and ecstatic forms of Mannerism to arrive in Germany leading to extraordinary artistic endeavors, e.g. in Landshut and Munich. This development paves the way for the rise of Baroque art in the end.

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  • 3 online lectures on German Art - Renaissance and Mannerism
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