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The One Great Invisible Quality - Soul: Glasgow And Mackintosh

On this Study Day, we will examine how Glasgow grew from a small and comparatively insignificant settlement at the extreme edge of the Roman Empire and on the ‘wrong’ side of Scotland to a University town, Royal burgh and bishopric. It survived plague and fire, developed a thriving port, and by 1900 had become a bustling centre of industry and commerce. We will also consider the problems brought by rapid growth and heavy industry, and some of the measures taken through the 19th century by the city fathers and wealthy individuals to improve the lot of Glasgow’s poorer inhabitants, including town planning and the creation of open spaces which still survive today. At the end of the 19th century Glasgow’s diverse architectural heritage, coupled with the city’s ambitious, innovative spirit and one of the best and most forward-looking Art Schools in the country, made it an ideal centre for the development of a unique variant of Art Nouveau - the only British manifestation of the style which had swept through Europe. We will look at some of the roots of the movement and consider why Glasgow’s response should have been so different from the rest of the country, while introducing Charles Rennie Mackintosh and his associates. Finally, we will explore the Glasgow School of Art - Mackintosh’s first and final masterpiece, tragically damaged by fire not once but twice - and consider how its proposed restoration reflects Glasgow’s appreciation and affection for the work of perhaps the city’s most famous son – an appreciation which Mackintosh often struggled to achieve in life. The day will finish with a visit to the V&A British Galleries, giving the chance to view some important Mackintosh creations within the context of the work of his contemporaries. **Price: £99 per person**

Your Tour Includes

  • Visit to the V&A British Galleries
  • Study day exploring Glasgow's history
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