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One of the most biodiverse countries in the whole of Europe – Romania offers a world of wonders to those who visit, with varied terrain from lush green forests to snowcapped mountains and unique black sandy beaches.
Our rail holidays to Romania will open your eyes to the highlights of this unique country as we take an exciting adventure by rail.

Things to know

  • Located in Turda, 120 meters underground is the Turda Salt Mine, one of the oldest mines of its kind. The mine has been opened to tourists since 1992 and offers an underground wonderland of bright lights and a modern art, theme part
  • One of the most obscure sights in Romania is the Merry Cemetery of Sapanta. It is famous for its ironically bright tombstones which feature paintings and murals of the person buried there, as well as depictions of stories from their lives
  • One of the most famous castles in Romania is Bran Castle – the mythical castle of the fictional vampire, Count Dracula

Key Destinations

mocanita train
Romania by rail

Venture into the wilderness aboard historic steam trains and explore timeless rural landscapes for a gentler glimpse into the ancient Romanian way of life.
From a journey past the Olt River and the beautiful scenery of the Carparthian mountains, to a candlelight dinner on board the Carpathia Express Train Restaurant at Mocanita Train Station – Romania’s rail experiences are unlike any other. In Romania you will also find the last remaining forestry railway in Europe - the Vaser Valley which offers a spectacular journey through fascinating woodland scenery.
Romania's fantastic cities

Romania is also home to some truly marvelous cities. From Sibiu, founded by German colonists at the end of the 12th century, to Brasov - famed for being the home of Bran Castle and the inspiration behind Bram Stokers’ Dracula. 
Romania’s capital city Bucharest is also a must visit destination and travelling here by rail is super easy. Bucharest only recently made it onto the tourist radar, meaning it is still relatively quiet compared to other European capitals. For unspoiled and traditional cities, Romania is the place to be.
Romanian cuisine
Food and drink in Romania

A delicious mix of different cultural experiences, whilst in Romania you will enjoy a taste of Turkey, Germany and Hungary.
The main word that comes to mind when describing Romanian cuisine is stodge – so if you’re looking to indulge and treat yourself, you’ve chosen the right rail holiday destination!
Pele's Castle
Rich cultural history

Romania has a tumultuous history, all of which will be uncovered as you walk the streets of its beautiful medieval cities. You will discover a fascinating multi-cultural heritage and UNESCO world heritage sites including spectacular fairytale castles, of which Romania is famous for.
Transylvania’s castles lend an aura of legend and mystery to any holiday.