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Rail trips through Slovenia with Arena Rail Holidays offer the opportunity to explore one of Europe’s lesser known, but undisputedly beautiful countries. Tiny Slovenia is located in the nether regions of central Europe and houses a population of just two million, making it the perfect location for a remote and relaxing escape.
Slovenia sits just above the Adriatic Sea, which it shares with Italy and Croatia and has absorbed much of its neighbouring countries’ cultures. The mountainous territory hides many beautiful rivers and forests, while the sun-scorched cliff edges shine an almost luminous shade of silver in the summer glow.

Things to know

  • Bled island is the only island in Slovenia. Standing proudly in the centre of Lake Bled, the island is home to several buildings including the iconic 17th century church of the Assumption of Mary
  • There are over 1000 caves in Slovenia. The most famous is Postojna, which is one of the largest Karst cave systems in the world
  • More than 61% of the total land in Slovenia is covered in forests, making it one of the most greenest countries in the world

Key Destinations

Slovenia by rail

Navigating across Slovenia’s heavily mountainous terrain can be tricky but travelling by rail ensures that a safe and quick passage is offered across the country, allowing you to soak in all the breathtaking scenery that makes Slovenia such a hidden gem.
Fantastic cities

The capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, is a gorgeous city surrounded by snowy mountains, hidden from the world and enjoyed by only those privileged enough to visit it. From its winding canals to its proud architecture, the city resembles something from a fairytale, only it is very much real-life.
Slovenian cake
Food and drink

Slovenia’s cuisine may not be iconic, but it is delicious all the same. The country has taken a lot of culinary influence from its neighbours, such as the boiled meats of Austria and the layered desserts of Italy. The rich cultivation of food in Slovenia however, means that their ingredients are particularly high quality.
Bled Castle
Rich cultural history

For a country with such a small population, Slovenia’s abundance of charming baroque architecture is very impressive. Having over a thousand castles and several thousand churches, it is no surprise that Slovenia plays host to a number of historic sites that are on the UNESCO World Heritage list. One of the country’s most famous castles, Bled Castle is a must visit whilst in the country. An architectural masterpiece standing proudly at 130 metres above Lake Bled’s glacial waters.