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GoldenPass Line


First opened in the year 1905, the GoldenPass Line is one of Switzerland’s most iconic rail routes, passing through some of the country’s most spectacular scenery on its 150km route.
Connecting central Switzerland with Lake Geneva, the entire route passes from Montreux to Lucerne and consists of three different trains – which you will have to hop on and off if you want to undertake the whole journey.
One lovely view follows another, and as you travel past lush green vistas, wooden chalets, cows grazing in flowery meadows and the crystal clear waters of Lake Geneva, you may start to think that the scenery was created specifically for the rail route – but we can assure you, it wasn’t.
The views are enhanced even further by the comfortable, classic Belle Epoque or modern panoramic carriages – which make taking in the views that little bit more special.
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