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Andy Johnson

andy johnson
Andy’s interest in military history started many years ago and by the age of 12 he knew he was going to join the RAF. He served for over 28 years including 17 years on the Boeing Sentry AWACS, with operational flying in the Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts.

Having joined the Guild of Battlefield Guides in 2008, Andy left the RAF in 2009 to become a full-time Battlefield Guide completing his validation in November 2011.

Andy takes groups to the Western Front and, having travelled widely in India, has taken groups to look at the story of the Indian Corps on the Western Front. He also visits Second World War battlefields and has been privileged to take veterans to their battlefields in Normandy and Monte Cassino. Having spent so long in the air environment, Andy shares his particular interest on tours that include sites related to the Great War in the air, the Combined Bomber Offensive, and the German secret weapons programme. This naturally leads interest toward National Socialist Germany, and Andy has explored a number of aspects of Hitler’s Germany including the difficult but important subject of the concentration camp and forced labour systems through to the Final Solution. Germany, of course, leads to an interest in Berlin and though Andy never served in Berlin, he is an old Cold Warrior!