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Sea Cloud II

SeaCloud Cruise

The Sea Cloud II is recognised as the true sister ship of the legendary Sea Cloud, but has its own, unique character. It combines the high standards expected of a modern cruise ship with the unique atmosphere of a romantic tall ship. Since it was commissioned over ten years ago, the Sea Cloud II has never ceased to enchant and impress people. Not only is it a modern and elegant cruise ship, but a very private yacht. While discerning cruise-lovers will discover their passion for classic sailing ships, sailing enthusiasts will become devotees of great voyages.

Ship highlights

  • Sea Cloud II offers a unique atmosphere on a modern, romantic tall ship 
  • Sail in style in a luxury owner suite 
  • Dine alfresco at lunchtimes on the Lido Deck 
  • Watch the movement of the sails on the Sun Deck as this tall sip sails along 
  • Sea Cloud ships are sailed by hand making the cruise a unique experience

Ship Facilities

In the restaurant you will find tables for couples and groups of four, six and eight. The lido deck is often an inviting place to have lunch or an evening barbecue out in the open air. No matter whether you are sitting inside or outside, you can all enjoy this feast for the senses together in the same sitting. And since you are dining on a tall ship with the character of a private yacht, you are free to choose your place and company at the table. Culinary creations are sure to impress even the most discerning of connoisseurs - it is easy to see why the Sea Cloud II was chosen to join the exclusive Chaîne des Rôtisseurs group.

In the middle of the lido deck you will find the spacious lounge. At certain times you will hear gentle music from the Steinway piano and, on selected cruises, you can listen to some interesting talks. On the same deck you will find the library which contains selected literature, DVDs, popular board games, the SEA CLOUD II's intriguing guest book and a laptop with internet access. But this is not just a place to get engrossed in reading; you should also enjoy the breathtaking all-round view of the ship's forecastle - do not forget that you are on board a majestic tall ship!

Sun Deck/Bar
On all the decks you will of course find many traditional deckchairs and benches on which you can sit alone or in a small group, gazing out to sea. On the sun deck you will also find two large sun loungers and the bridge. The officers will be happy to welcome you into the command centre - manoeuvres permitting.
Fitness enthusiasts can use the 100-metre long lido deck as their running/walking circuit while taking in all the different views which you can expect on board a tall ship. For others, our morning exercise sessions are just the way to start a new day. In the smart fitness studio, you will find dumbbells, bikes, treadmills and step machines for more focused workouts, and the adjoining sauna area will enhance your general well-being. Furthermore, we provide a range of spa services on board the Sea Cloud II (massages and beauty treatments at additional cost), using the finest products from Maria Galland.

Cabin Types

Sea Cloud II cabin
Cabins aboard Sea Cloud II

Privately tucked away on the lido deck, the two owner suites feature panoramic windows. The promenade deck holds 16 junior suites and two deluxe outer cabins which also have panoramic windows. Exuding a more maritime appeal, the 27 deluxe outer cabins on the cabin deck have traditional portholes. Three of these cabins are fitted with an upper and lower bunk - as was customary on traditional windjammers. And, of course, all the cabins have small sitting areas, a bright ambience, brightly coloured, spacious marble baths and plenty of space for all your personal belongings. No matter which cabin you choose, the cabin service will provide everything you need. Your maritime home is tidied twice a day, the fruit bowl is refilled, and the daily programme is left out for you to read (not to mention all the extra little touches...).