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Greece, one of the most influential countries of the old world and said to be the cradle of Western civilization; we have this ancient society to thank for many a modern tradition, from mathematics to democracy and the Olympic games. 
Steeped in myths and legends, with a proud and prominent history and the perfect blend of sea, sand, mountains and more, Greece consists of a mainland and literally thousands of Islands. Boasting the 11th longest coastline in the world, you can experience the very best of this on one of our small ship cruises. 
At every twist and turn of the crystal clear, blue waters of the Aegean there is a spectacular sight to discover from the famed Acropolis of Athens to the windmill scattered shores of Santorini and the medieval castles of Nafplion, which dates to the Trojan war. 

Things to know

  • Greece is made up of 6000 islands, of which only 227 are inhabited.
  • Greece is one of the sunniest places in with world and has around 300 sunny days each year!
  • Greek is one of the oldest spoken languages in Europe – it is over 3000 years old.
  • There are 18 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Greece