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A country of great natural beauty, Scotland truly is one of the most scenic destinations of the British Isles. From the rugged highlands to the unique islands of Skye, Mull, Straffa and Iona - Scotland has a vast area of unspoilt coastline, as well as an abundance of famous lochs, that can be explored in depth on one of our small ship cruises.  Ancient history, wildlife, nature and myth and legends go hand in hand throughout the Scottish Isles. You will be able to witness golden eagles, dolphins, deer, and puffins but sights such as the historic ‘Neptune’s Staircase’ on the Caledonian Canal and the 13th century Duart Castle – and who knows, you might even spot the infamous and elusive Loch Ness Monster... Home of malt whisky, delicious sea food and much, much more – is a cruise around Scotland the holiday you’ve been waiting for? 

Things to know

  • Scotland consists not just of mainland but also of 790 islands, of which only 130 are inhabited
  • Scotland is home to many myths and legends, not only is it the alleged home of the illusive Loch Ness monster but the countries national animal is a unicorn!
  • Did you know that Scotland was the first country in the world to sign up to ‘Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency’ – a scheme to encourage the tourism industry to reduce carbon emissions
  • In Scotland you will find the oldest surviving tree in Europe! The twisted yew is said to have been around for 3,000 years but some believe it could have been around for almost 9000! 
  • Golf was invented in Scotland and can be traced back to the year 1457. There are 550 golf courses in the country today