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UK Wine Tours

These are exciting times for the British wine industry. It has quickly moved from hobbyists, eccentrics and romantics producing amusing, strange and often undrinkable wine to an emerging player on the world stage. It is a coming-of-age story. English wines have been consistently winning international awards in competition with renowned and respected houses. There are now over 500 commercial vineyards and 165 wineries producing 15 million bottles a year, exporting to over 40 countries. We have sourced some of the most interesting British vineyards to visit and sample, very often set in stunningly picturesque locations. Our aim is to provide you with a unique insight into what wine guru Oz Clarke has called “The Newest New World Wine Nation”.

Approximately 61.5% of all wine produce within the UK & Wales comes from the Southeast, and the number of vines planted in the UK has tripled since 2017, from 1 million, to 3.2 million. England’s main wine-producing regions are Kent, Surrey and Sussex as the southerly climate is more desirable for grape-growing. Due to the cool climate, British vineyards produce more white wine than red wine. Sparkling wine production is popular, accounting for nearly three quarters of wine produced in the UK. Production of English and Welsh wine is predicted to reach 40 million bottles a year by 2040.

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